What to Expect

Grace follows the ancient form of Christian liturgy: Gathering • Word • Meal • Sending

We are informal, but we practice reverence for God and for one another in intentional ways. Some of us bow to the cross as it enters and exits the sanctuary. We often connect the message of grace with God's desire for us to live lives of abundant action—working for justice, peace, and inclusion.

All are welcome to receive communion at Grace. We commune young children, relying on God's promise of grace that there is nothing one needs to learn or earn to receive it. However, because we also value faith education, we offer communion classes when our children reach third grade. We are happy to offer a blessing to your child during communion if you prefer to wait for them to go through communion classes when they are older.

We also offer blessings and words of welcome to all who come forward to the table, whether you are Christian or not. While some may not feel they are ready to receive the sacrament, there is still an affirming place at God's table

At 11am, the sanctuary is filled with the echoes of ancient liturgy. It entails a mix of latinx, gospel, middle-eastern, and european music, powerful proclamation, and a more traditional communion practice. We have a full bulletin, and we use bibles and hymn books during the service

During the Summer, we enjoy worship at an hour earlier, 10am.  We may be outside on our front lawn (weather permitting) for service or indoors in our Sanctuary.

Come as you are! You are welcome here.